[Proposal] Upgrade Nova Implementation

Upgrade Nova Implementation

Hello TC community,

:loudspeaker: There is currently an issue with Omnibridge that need to be fixed. Indeed, right now, all withdrawals to L1 are sponsored by the xDai (Gnosis) team. Unfortunately, they cannot subsidize our withdrawals any longer.

But, no panic!
The solution to this issue has already been found … and is already set to be implemented. Tornadoes have never been stopped that easily :tornado:

Big up for the Tornado Cash and xDAI teams which has coded the fix & is making it available to the community for implementation :raised_hands:


The main goal is to allow Tornado Cash Nova to continue running, even without the xDai team intervention.

With this update, users will pay for the L1 fees themselves: a part of their withdrawal will go directly to the special Omnibridge worker that settles withdrawal tx on L1.

:gear: For this fix to function, a couple of smart contracts must be deployed: new L1Unwrapper contract on Mainnet and a new implementation for Nova on Gnosis Chain.

:ballot_box: This deployment will go through a governance proposal that will check that the L1Unwrapper is correctly deployed. Moreover, to complete the implementation, the governance proposal will also call AMB bridge to send a message to the Nova proxy contract on the Gnosis Chain to upgrade the Nova upgradability proxy contract.

The deployed contracts:

Source code:


About how much gas does a L1 withdrawal cost? And is it always the same amount or can it vary?

You can vote :