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Hi there. New to tornado cash forum but have been reading a lot the last months.

I have a question regarding the staking fees to relayers. The forum mentions this is 0,3% of the relayer’s fee, but how do I calculate that? Because it can both be read as 0,3 of the total (so 1/3th if the total fee, let’s say there’s a 10% fee, it will take a total of 3%). Or is it 0,3 % as in if the relayer takes 10%, the torn staking fee is 0,03?

Other question: how “profitable” is it to start a relayer? Are there any dune dashboards that show the average profitability of a relayer / can someone that has a relayer share some stats? Might be interested to start one as acquiring 300 torn is quite cheap right now.

Thanks in advance!

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Found a tornado cash community dune dashboard that shows about 100k+ usd per week profit from all relayers.

Just can’t find the amount of relayers to calculate an average - does anyone know how many relayers there are?


  1. For each withdrawal through the relayer method, the chosen relayer has to pay a fee to the protocol from the staked balance. Currently, it is fixed at 0.3% (Staking -

Relayers act as a third parties and take care of the whole withdrawal. They pay for gas fees by deducing them directly from the transferred amount. They also take an additional gas fee for their services. (Tornado Cash New Decentralized Relayers Network | by Tornado Cash | Medium)

As you can deduct from this info the staking fees paid are not the same as the relayers fee which is set by the relayer.
Let me know if this answers your question please.

  1. This is community based analytics on governance and relayers:


In the dashboard I shared in the previous reply you can see there are 64 rows (relayers) under Tornado Cash relayer list.(Dune)

I hope this information answers your concern

Hey Garfield!

Yes I just found that dune dashboard right before you posted, thanks!

Well I just want to know what kind of “profits” I can expect as a relayer before spinning one up.ive got in Intel NUC laying here collecting dust, would be awesome to let it run a relayer but I would need to invest some 10k usd in torn. That’s no problem at all - just wondering what kind of amounts to expect if I set my fee to 0,05 / 0,1 to be nice to users.

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Oh thanks! So the 100k usd every week is shared amongst 64 participants, all making about 2k a week.

That’s not bad right?

As an average that’s right, but also take in mind the scoring formula used to randomly pick a relayer:

The higher the stake, the higher the score is; the higher the fee, the lower the score is. For Ethereum mainnet, the formula used to calculate the score is stake * [1 - 25*(fee-0.33)^2] ; for sidechains, the formula is `stake * [1 - 11.89*(fee-0.01)^2]

Thanks! You have been really helpful so far.

One question that remains then is quite simple; is there a way to find out what individual relayers are asking as a fee and how much their stake is? Because I cannot really compete with someone who has for example 3000 torn and a 0,05 fee, as my max budget would put me at about 400 torn.

You can manually check their fee here, click on the cog wheel next to “Relayer” you will see a list of them.

All the stats available are the ones shared in Dune

I’m Glad to be able to help you,

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Any idea if it is possible as a relayer to add to your stake? For example to begin with 300 TORN but increase it later to 1000 TORN.

you can begin with 300 torn,then add more tore to your stake.

Prime, thanks.