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Hello i have 5 ETH On my address i want to clear tracking, and get all this 5 Eth to one address i will describe how i want to do this and please tell me if my method is good or no

  1. Day 1 Send 1 Eth to Tornado - day 3 Withdraw to address 1
  2. Day 3 Send 1 Eth to Tornado - day 5 Withdraw to address 2
  3. Day 6 Send 1 Eth to Tornado - day 7 Withdraw to address 3
  4. Day 8 Send 1 Eth to Tornado - day 9 Withdraw to address 4
  5. Day 9 Send 1 Eth to Tornado - day 10 Withdraw to address 5

And after this to get all money just in one address i use my metamask to create Address 6 and send all funds from address 1-2-3-4-5 to address 6

Yes i know about IP browser, all deposit and withdraw will be in clear browser IP metamask

Hi @bob1,

Leaving 1 ETH on those 5 addresses is better than consolidating them to address 6.

As you may already know, all deposits and withdrawals to Tornado Cash are public. What isn’t public is the connection between the wallets. If you were to deposit exactly 70 ETH into the protocol using one wallet and withdraw the same amount to one wallet, if people looked into the transactions they could quite reasonably say that the two wallets are yours, although it still isn’t proof. It is recommended to use multiple wallets to deposit and withdraw from the protocol to avoid this.

The example here is:

Originating wallet (70 ETH) -> Tornado Cash -> New Wallet (70 ETH)

What you’re doing is pretty much the same just 1 degree further:

Your initial wallet (5 ETH) -> Tornado Cash -> 5 Separate Wallets (1 ETH) -> New Wallet (5 ETH)


Thanks a lot for response, so my method what i want to use is good ?

Hi @bob1,

Everything is good except for using address 6.


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