[Relayer Nomination] tsunamidev.eth


In advance of the change to how relayers are to be elected, I am putting up a nomination as a relayer.

URL: mainnet-v2.tsunamidev.eth
Fee: 0.04%
Status Page: https://status.tsunami.to

Relayer is hosted in Iceland; status page is to be transparent about reliability.

I plan to add a .onion endpoint if there is demand for it.

Contributions: I’ve been working on a mobile privacy wallet for ethereum based on tornado, hope to finish some time soon. It does all the work in JS so I can hopefully port it to iOS. Main issues now are related to tor.

Hope this thread can be a good exercise on how the community will want to elect relayers and what they find important.

Thank you


Great to see some new relayer applications! Up to now, relayers were applying on GitHub. I guess it might move here once the new relayer registry is in place.

Indeed. Something to bootstrap the relayers is going to be needed.

I’d love to become a relayer as well, what are the technical boundaries? Is someone with no coding experience able to become one?

You need standard devops skill. Read more here: GitHub - tornadocash/tornado-relayer: Relayer for Tornado cash.

You also apparently need to reveal your telegram username which is attached to your personal cell phone number

This requirement needs to go

Thanks! I’m curious to see how the nomination process goes in general. So far, not so much feedback. Do we think community members are going to want to know relayers?

So far, I haven’t really gotten any feedback. I have submitted a github issue, but I think the frontend hasn’t been updated in a while.

Other than maintaining a status page, and hosting in a privacy-oriented jurisdiction, I’m not sure what relayers can really do to stand out.

If you’d haven’t received much feedback, I guess you should see the discussion in the link below. The list on Github has been “paused” until the new mechanism is decided upon.

Yes, there is not much you can do to stand out: I think the driver will be the fees if we keep a list of relayers.