Relayers fee on ETH

I’m interested to get some relayers info, such as fees. Any ideas how to get them on the classic tornado interface, not in tornado NOVA, where you can see tham simply in UI → by clicking a wheel.

Also will be nice to get fees on other chains as well, is it possible?

Check out @fennec’s DuneAnalytics tornado staking mech dashboard, scroll to the bottom to see the relayer data

yep, I see it, but there are no info on fees.
or maybe I’m missed something ?

Hi Lux,

This chart is part of @fennec 's Dune which @xgozzy named above.

Is there a chance this is what you’re looking for and you’ve missed ?

Let us know if it is this!

Or you mean you need to know how much does each relayer charges as a fee, in Tornado Classic ?

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yes, this is what I’m asking for.

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After pasting the note in the Withdrawal section, go to Settings (above note paste box), and you will be able to see a dropdown menu of the relayers with their current fee.

Let me know if this is what you needed.

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But you need to make a deposit first, is there any way to check it w/o deposit? Like on any protocol, staking service or mining pool - you can see the fees, and they are not hidden somewhere inside.

With the current UI in Tornado Classic that’s not possible,
I get your point though.

Maybe the altornado team could work on this feature in their version 3.0? @derbers