Securing TornadoCash through bug bounty


I hope that you are all doing well!

Bug bounty are a good way to secure DeFi protocols. We could allocate some TORN from the governance treasury to launch a bug bounty program on Tornado.Cash. Such a program could help securing even more the protocol. Do you agree with this ? Any feedbacks/ideas ?

What do you think about signing up Tornado Cash to immunefi? It’s a leading DeFi’s bug bounty platform.

Using immunefi for bug bounties
  • yes
  • no

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To launch immunefi, $1-2million on average would be needed base on what is offered by SushiSwap/xDai/Polygon… If your feedback is positive, we could organize a Snapshot vote to get the official community position on this matter.

Potential amount if you are in favor of a bug bounty program
  • $2M
  • $1M
  • 0.5M$

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Do not hesitate to give your opinion or any other suggestion that would lean toward further securing Tornado Cash :tornado:


Hey everyone,

I’m Travin Keith, one of the Co-Founders of Immunefi. It’s great to see this initiative from the Tornado Cash community!

We’ve worked with a lot of bug bounty programs initiated by DAO votes in the past, such as with Sovryn, BarnBridge, and Idle Finance, among others, and would be happy to include Tornado Cash on our platform.

Most of the information about how our bug bounty programs are run are stated on this page ( Happy to answer questions people may have about our platform here as well.