something about the new relayer registry

Dear community members.
The community passed Proposal No. 10, Relayer registry, on February 19, 2022.
After a month of operation, as a relayer, we have noticed some problems as follows, and look forward to improvements in next update, which will help to guarantee the security and stability of all relayers and improve the user experience.

  1. Relayer URL + /v1/tornadoWithdraw and Relayer URL + /relay is easy to be used for CC attacks.
  2. Relayer can not modify the DNS domain name in the dashboard of Tornado Cash UI.
  3. Relayer URL can be maliciously submitted as phishing sites and put into malicious site iframes causing relayer URL to be intercepted by browsers
  1. You can change DNS in your ENS domain settings.

Setup your relayer’s policy who can access your relayer (,, localhost, and other popular ipfs gateways)

tks a lots, but i worry about that if i make a access policy on my server,the normal user can not get the service either.