Suggest the withdrawal function, I deposited 10 coins, the notes were lost

Hello all tornado builders, first of all let me say that this proposal is relevant, about a month ago, I deposited 10eth of my notes happened to be lost, I believe that I will not be the first and not the last unlucky one. Everyone’s money is hard to come by, mine too, I just became a father a few days before I lost my notes, my wife gave birth to twins, and it was because I was too busy taking care of them that the loss of the notes happened.

Surprisingly, this deposit was not saved in the browser either, and then I switched to a phone that I had not logged into Tornado, restored my wallet, went into Tornado, and it actually had the deposited notes from a month ago, but not this one from 10eth. About an hour after this incident, I tried depositing 0.1 eth again and it had the notes underneath as well.
I wish Tornado would come out with a feature to return from TornadoProxy to wallet, after loading my web3 wallet, I can enter the hash and do the return operation.
It’s similar to this interface, please see the picture below, thanks.

It’s not a good feeling to lose 10 eth, it’s three years of milk money for my two kids.
Finally, I hope you guys, can implement this kind of function to help me, but also help the people behind.

This is my record of that day

Many thanks!

Tornado Cash smart contract has no way of knowing which deposits were spent and which weren’t, so there is no way to return a deposit without the corresponding note.

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