[Suggestion] Recruitment campaign

Hello to all and happy new year to you. :blush:

Since some time, our community developer has left for new horizons.
Because of this, the community is in great need of a new Solidity - frontend developer by its side.

Our new developer will work for the community, and will propose new implementations.

He/She will of course be accompanied by the multisig team composed of developers such as @Rezan and @xgozzy, but also by the Tornado Cash team, as well as by the three other multisigs that are @ayefda, @Ghost and myself.

If you know someone who might be interested, please ask him to contact us directly by private message on the forum or by Telegram / Discord.

In order to be able to recruit easily, I propose that we set up a recruitment campaign, looking for one or two profiles if we find the right ones.
There are several websites to publish ads related to job offers in the cryptocurrency sector such as CryptoJobsList, Crypto.jobs, cryptocurrency.jobs, ā€¦

In addition, it could be interesting to recruit a full-time community manager who would take care of social networks such as Discord and Telegram in order to moderate, animate and answer questions from community members.

If you know of other known ways to recruit, feel free to suggest it here.
I propose that we set up a snapshot to see if the community wants to set up this recruitment campaign.

Take care of your loved ones! Have a good day/evening :smile:


Would love to join.

@bt11ba please email me [email protected]

Hey @si_bui, please contact me directly through TC Discord. Thanks

I definitely can work in the capacity of a Community Manager,

I have 3+ years of experience managing virtual communities and social platforms.

You can send me an email for in-depth discussions.

Email: [email protected]

Looking forward to receiving your email


Would love to join. Vast experience in business management
British, Hungarian and US citizenships

I would love to work for this great community

I have a good command of english and also know how to handle human.

Hey, i love to join you. Iā€™m last year student and studying Cyber Security. Please send me your telegram username Iā€™ll contact you if you are still looking for a recruite.