Tab crashes on withdrawal with Tor Browser


I’m using Tornado Cash for the first time. To preserve my anonymity, I’m using Tor Browser for that purpose.

All went good until I tried to withdraw the mixed Ether. I pasted in the Note and withdrawal adress.

When “Generating Proof” pops up, it gets stuck there for a long time before crashing the Tab. I tried javascript.opitons.wasm turned on, tried noscript, tried the “least safe” mode on Tor, but the same problem keeps happening.

Any Solution to this problem? I’d like to do this with Tor.


Hello, sometimes it just hang but you normally just have to wait a bit more. And if it says the tab is crashing, just click wait. You may have to wait on average 4 minutes, depending on your machine.

Any funny Firefox console output?

Thanks for the replies! @pass123

So when the tab crashes, the only 2 options I get is close tab and reload page, but no wait button. Any other suggestions? Is there maybe a way to dedicate more computing power to the tabs?

Are there different versions of Tor?