TORN/cDAI LP tokens owned by the Dao

Can the Dao sell some TORN for cDAI, add it along with more TORN to a uniswap pool and indefinitely just own the tokens ?

We want to do this so that we can charge cDAI tornado pool relayers the 0.3% fees we are currently unavailable to charge them due to lack of liquidity.

Also, any reason why docs specifically mentions v3 liquidity?


This is actually a useful problem to solve. What rate do you currently charge for cDAI relays to compensate for slippage?

I wouldn’t be opposed to doing this even though there really isn’t much cDAI liquidity in Tornado to begin with. Although I think before I supported a proposal like this, I’d really want to see options open up for more token pools/denominations to be added to Tornado in general

I suspect the root problem might be: there just isn’t enough demand to mix cDAI to begin with. Personally, I’ve never relayed a single cDAI relay in all the last year+ I’ve been doing it

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