Treasury asset mobilisation inquiry

Hey guys
Just joined the forum today after @Garf1eld pointed me here. I’ve been reading through previous forum posts regarding treasury assets and it seems to me they have mostly stalled. Is this a fair interpretation of the state of this discussion?

Context + reason for inquiry:
My IRL name is Jonathan, and I’m doing some BizDev work for PieDAO ( Over the past couple of months we’ve been testing out a new service named ‘farming as a service’ (FaaS for short), where we as a third party deploy DAO treasury assets to yield-bearing protocols in order to mobilise previously idle capital.

It’s been going pretty well (we partnered with The Sandbox in this regard and have seen some really good progress),so as a result I have been tasked with reaching out to some other DAOs to do a temperature check on their feelings towards this initiative.

My questions:

  1. Do you guys have a desire to start earning yield on idle treasury assets?
  2. Would you be open to outsourcing this responsibility to a third party, or does would this create issues/go against DAO values?

Thanks for any help + answers

(IMPORTANT NOTE: This is strictly a temperature check, not a proposal. I’m not 100% sure that the treasury management committee has the bandwidth to start taking on additional projects into this initiative at this point in time, although it’s possible in future)