Update of website leads to deletion of AP mining account?

Hi - I’ve noticed that the website is updated, different link (https://tornadocash.eth.link/).

Suddenly my AP Mining account is deleted? When I try to mine AP Points of a deposit that is still in the pool (I know - can’t mine yet, but I want to go to the Swap page to see the AP/Torn rate) I used to be referred to the Swap page with the reminder that I can’t mine those points yet because not withdrawn, merkletree not updated etc etc.

But now I’m getting on a page that requests me to make a new AP-Mining account - where I’m 1000% sure I’ve already have an AP account on that specific wallet (used it before, same wallet!).

When I press the “Recover using wallet” option, it gives me the message;

“Provided account does not have a valid tornado mining account”

What should I do - can I make a new mining account? I’ve had no AP left in that specific wallet so nothing is lost, but I hope others do not have the same problem with AP in their wallets…

Also - when I logged in on the app - al my encrypted notes could not be decrypted, I had to go to the recovery page (and luckily I’ve backed it up on-chain) to decrypt again (which worked) so there is defenitely something off since the update.

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You should have saved your recovery key. You can restore the history of your claims your anonymous points. The key consists of 64 characters

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I probably still have it - again - there are no AP on the wallet currently.

Can I just proceed making a new one on the same account? Will that matter? Is it even possible to have multiple AP wallets backed-up on the same wallet, will it give problems?

I mean - if nothing happens, good - or is it better to make a clean wallet and deposit the AP on that clean wallet (a new AP wallet linked to the clean wallet). Is that even possible? My deposits are encrypted and linked to a certain wallet, can I withdraw and then deposit the AP in a seperate wallet?

Never mind, apparently your Note backup key is the same as your AP wallet backup key - I used that one to restore the wallet, and I instantly get to the Swap interface.

So I guess everything works again now or did I do a major fuck up?

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just use the previous app url: app.tornado.cash :wink:
also MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR KEYS(mining, note account, notes, etc)

Also make sure to use SSL, which is not enabled by default.


By the way if you want to avoid a scam, I would suggest you to run the UI on http://localhost:3000. See: Phishing website - lost my funds - #3 by digher

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