Voting on liquidity mining extension - can we do this soon?

As we know the current liquidity mining program will come to an end ~18th December and will need to be voted for an extension. I’d like to suggest that we make the decision to extend this sooner rather than later to avoid uncertainty.

The way I believe the mining program works at present is that AP accumulated as a function of time with deposits in the mining program, and TORN is funded into the AP/TORN pool linearly until the end date. This means that those that do not claim their AP to TORN quickly enough will be left with an ever increasing AP/TORN rate, causing some game theory on when the best time to withdraw would be. An additional factor is that the AP may only be claimed when the root is updated, pulling that moment forwards a few days more.

Personally I will not feel comfortable leaving significant amounts of ETH in the mining program by the end of October as I expect everyone to be watching the AP/TORN rate as the days become numbered. This is free market stuff, so I’m fine with it, but I believe that if the program is voted to be extended then we can avoid these games entirely.


I also think that it is necessary to extend the TORN mining program to the next year. But in order to submit a proposal for a vote, you must have 1000 TORN.

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