Ways to get involved

Hey guys I’m new in the community for the most part and am looking for ways to get involved in an effort to earn TORN. I was directed here from the Twitter page. I am experienced in working as a community ambassador, in content creation, and in translations between English and French. Is there any way anyone knows that I can use these skills to better the community and potentially earn some TORN?


Great to have you Caleb

We have a Tornado Cash Community Fund that distributes TORN to contributors. We do need more marketing content created. I believe you could either create some yourself. Or you could reach out to existing content creators to do PR to get them to do some content creation

We could distribute TORN to you for your efforts and provide you with a budget of TORN to give to content creators

Feel free to also propose an alternative use of your skills and interests. We are open to proposals


Hey Caleb, of course we do need more content creation. If you want, suggests some things you could do here directly and we will tell you what do Tornado need :relaxed:,