Who need token $TORN and now price very cheap?

I have a question, what is $TORN:
Apart from farming, staking and VOTE. So there won’t be any new people coming in to buy TORN. There are a lot of people using TornadoCash but they don’t buy $TORN. that’s funny.
The WHALEs are gone.No volume trading,no marketing.
When the market went down all Altcoins fell in price. $TORN alone fell from 450$ to 29$. Now the market is slowly recovering. other coins are almost back to the old ATH and $TORN is still 50 $.lol.

They called $TORN china coin and because the china government banned crypto they walked away and the price of TORN went down.

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Who’re “they”? There’s not so much to laugh or to be cynical here anyway, whether someone call it Chinese or not.


This is just what I experienced when participating in investing in TornadoCash
I spent all my savings 210,000 usd to buy about 600 Torn at 350-370/1torn. At that time the market was very good and ETH price was close to 4000usd.
Before that, I researched the project very closely and found that this was a missing piece in the ETH ecosystem.
As an investor I really hope the price of TORN can go up and more and more people join the project.
But NO !!! as soon as i bought the price fell quickly. 320 - 270 - 250 -170 - 100 -29. At that time the whole market was down but I still have faith that TORN will recover if BTC and ETH recover.
Today again the market is back ETH is back to 4000 usd but TORN is only at 70. I am really quite disappointed even though I know that investing is profitable and profitable.
I have a lot of faith in the project and hope that $TORN can return to the price of 300usd/1torn. Let’s say someone here is like me.


tornado cash It’s a good project

but torn It’s a junk token

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I hope more community buy more $TORN.and big whale to come TornadoCash

Generally it is a mistake to concentrate your investment into one vehicle, especially when it comes to your savings which you want to increase over a long time.

Before a next possible sink of TORN, how about selling a little bit to set up a diversified investments portfolio which includes traditional index funds of “boring” stocks and bonds?

I’m telling you this because I also have once lost as much as you in the ICO craze in 2017, wishing for the big rebound which has never materialized, and started over with a much more balanced portfolio, which recovered more than one third of the loss in “just” four years.

Just my two cents. I wish you a good luck anyway, and have a nice day.


Yes ! thank you very much. maybe i will have to cut my loss. the market just went through a flash dump. torn price dumped 20% month by month. I’m still waiting for something, a miracle to come for the price of $TORN.