Why don’t some of notes be rewarded AP?

I withdraw the Dai in eth chain at the same time about 20 days ago,one address of Dai can be rewarded Ap, and the other address shows that the note is not yet ready for anonymous mining, and let me wait for days before trying again. Is the condition normal, and what is your suggestion to me? Thank you.

Since the AP/TORN rate and gas price have become up so much that AP mining has been no longer profitable since the last month and also it is going to end this month anyway (new TORN will no longer be available to exchange with AP), I would suggest you to forget about it and move on. Taking the high gas fee into consideration, probability is that AP mining will never be profitable again.

Thank you for your reply.But I have withdrawed the Dai last month. Some of notes have be rewarded Ap successfully, the other of notes can not be rewarded. The mention show these notes have not yet ready,What is the reason?

I answered a similar question here only today, let me know if anything is still is confusing to you.