Withdraw Button Disabled

Trying to withdraw my 10 BNB, it finds the Note data ok , says Time passed is 2 days , over 100 subsequent deposits.

Withdraw button greyed and not clickable. Please help.

I need atleast 300 characters but I believe in writing concisely and as short as possible because I value your time. I have gotten this error before and not sure how it was resolved. Thank you.

Now. It worked and I was able to withdraw. Can anyone shed light on why this happens and a work around other than to keep refreshing the page , and re-inputting the note info ?

It’s most likely because of the cache memory in your browser.
This are the troubleshooting steps for UI issues like this one:

  1. Save your note
  2. Clear your browser’s cache
  3. Use a VPN or try another browser or device.

If it remains the same, repeat steps 2 and 3