Withdrawal to Kucoin has not arrived

I tried to withdraw 1 ETH to my Kucoin ETH deposit address about 4 hours ago. It has not arrived. I have raised a support request with Kucoin of course.

On the ETH deposit page, there is a notice: “Not for smart contract transfer”. I don’t think a Tornado transfer is a smart contract transfer, since in the end it’s just a transfer from one wallet to another. Am I mistaken?

Help appreciated.

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A withdraw from Torando Cash is a smart contract transfer

OK. I was afraid of that. I wonder whether it’s lost forever. Do exchanges typically have ways to track down funds?

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Depends on the exchange and the context. Kraken once helped me at great length in a vaguely similar scenario to yours.

Yup. As @torus mentioned. It totally depends. Definitely reach out to them and give it your best shot. Best of luck to you. Sorry to hear this happened. Hoping for a positive outcome.

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Thanks all. It’s up to the good graces of the exchange now. They stopped replying after I told them it was a smart contract transfer. We’ll see…

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Transfer/Smart contract transfer are different method to programmer. Programmers need write extra code to understand smart contract transfer(transfer method is base, but smart contract transfer is not). However asset have arrived in CEX account. Just not display at CEX app…


I suggest you connect them directly, ask them recover your asset. Normally CEX have special programer or code/job/SQL to solve such issues.

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Is this also the case for Binance?
I want to withdraw DAI from tornado.cash as a deposit into Binance.

If I had not read this thread, I would never have thought about this?

Binance claims they can accept contract deposits. But if I were doing it, I would withdraw from Tornado to a virgin wallet before depositing to Binance. Just in case.

my bnb withdrawal not arrived to binance
have to wait one week for binance support responds