Would it be useful to have more analytics?

I’m trying to understand if I could do some work for Tornado Cash and I made a few charts with Dune Analytics:

Would it be useful to improve “official analytics”? Here is a link to the official analytics - Dune Analytics


Hello @Peteris,
Every contribution is useful! If you can improve analytics, even more deeply, it would be great.
If you have some idea of how to improve it, feel free to share it so we can give you some feedbacks.

This is a realayers fee data?

It would be nice if the APR was listed by day and month for convenience.

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I just read What’s Up Tornado? — From Winter to Spring Updates and most likely Tornado Cash Governance & Staking has already all the necessary statistics :slightly_smiling_face:

However I would like to suggest some tweaks:

  1. I think “Tornado Cash daily staking rewards” is misleading. It shows how many users “Claimed Staking Rewards” however I think the title gives the impression that data shows how much protocol earned for TORN stakers. I think it is more important to know how much was earned for stakers in place of how much and when rewards were claimed by stakers.

  2. In place of “Tornado Cash daily new relayer registries” it would be better to have “Tornado Cash daily total amount of relayers”.

  3. There is already a chart [TornadoCash Relayer Users] (Dune Analytics) and it shows total amount of relay transactions vs non-relay however it doesn’t show if there is a trend to use more or less relayers. It would be nice to show how much value in USD was withdrawn in transactions with relayer vs without.

I thought that it was a realayers fee data however I think I was wrong… I’m not yet so familiar with available schemas, data for tornado… I took fee data from [TornadoCash Total Fees] (Dune Analytics) however I think it is total fee data (with and without relayer).