Another Tornado Cash token?

Around the same time I got TORN airdrop, I got a second token called ‘GovernanceNeedsHelp’ contract address

The ‘Max Total Supply’ line shows:

What is the use of this token and is it actually affiliated with Tornado Cash?

There is no utility. It was only to send a message “governance has a proposal up for vote, we haven’t hit quorum yet, you have TORN, please considering voting”

That’s all

I don’t think that token airdrops should be used as a messaging system. Come on! Where does this lead?

If people don’t care to vote, there must be a better way to engage them.

Very true. The underlying problem for much of DeFi is voter apathy. Hard to get people to stay engaged with the proposal process when it costs them gas to vote each time. Some projects reward voters with newly minted governance tokens as compensation. Some people here have suggested that for Tornado. It’s a reasonable suggestion.

It is possible to allow gas free governance voting at

The point is that snapshot is off-chain and does not force an outcome of a proposal to be executed. I personally would rather prefer on-chain voting as it is even though it costs gas.

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Requiring Voting to be onchain will force out small holders who can’t afford the gas. I noticed that some projects are using Boardroom now for governance voting, I don’t know what are the pros and cons of Boardroom.

You can always delegate your votes to someone who aligns with your voting preferences