Anyone know what to do with this

Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Reverted]

says reverted but not received funds. On latest deposits it has a deposit the exact minute i did mine, on entering my note it says( Error There is no related deposit. The note is invalid.)

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Fail with error 'Dai/insufficient-allowance'

Looks like you need to approve DAI txs

thanks for reply, how do i approve DAI txs,

I am new to all of this

Try doing it through the UI again. Should prompt you automatically. Otherwise the manually method of doing it is a bit complicated. Would be better to avoid that for right now.

For now, just try it again and report back

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hi sorry for not understanding.
Try to deposit another 10k dai ?

i have deposited another 10k dai, transaction confirmed.
Not sure if you meant that but tried anyway, cant see no option on tornado cash to retry on my failed deposit if that is what you meant.
Also cant see option on metemask to retry.
tornado cash note still invalid.
Thanks for replys

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Great. If the other transaction confirmed, then you’re good. Nothing else to worry about from here on out. That answered what I was trying to troubleshoot with you.

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i still have not received my 10k dai from the failed deposit ?

If it failed, then there is no 10k DAI in there. That’s done and over. You should be good if the next tx attempt worked, which you said it did.

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yes i have deposited multiple times since then, so the 10k dai on the failed, should be in my metamask ? un less i have miss calculated funds, it isnt

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Correct. The failed 10k DAI stayed in your wallet.

I’ve verified this by looking at your wallet. Regardless, no funds can ever be moved in the event of a transaction failure

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