AP/TORN exchange rate?

Is there a place where I can see a graph of the AP/TORN exchange rate over time?

Or someplace that will tell me “if I exchange X AP for TORN right now I’ll get Y TORN”?


It’s here:

Ah! Thanks, I never noticed I could click on the Swap button/tab.

I guess I’ll check the price a couple times a week until somebody makes a tool to graph the approximate AP/TORN rate over time.

As someone who isn’t currently involved in gathering AP, is there some TLDR/ELI5 for how much AP you gather? Theres a multiplier depending on pool, right?

Check the original medium post announcement: Tornado.Cash Governance Proposal. Tornado.Cash has become the largest… | by Tornado Cash | Dec, 2020 | Medium

Keep in mind AP:TORN rates are going to be stuck at 610k AP for a while until someone updates the merkle tree


After update? What will be the convertion rate AP/TORN?

It doesn’t not impact the AP/TORN rate I guess. But once people start to claim more the rate will go up.

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You can call get expected return and get virtual balance methods on swap contract. There is no limit.

  1. Go to Contract Address 0x5cab7692d4e94096462119ab7bf57319726eed2a | Etherscan
  2. Choose “getExpectedReturn” and write in your APs balance and press “Query”
  3. The result (really long number) needs to be diveded by 10^16 (use online calculator)
  4. You get how many TORN you would get for your APs

EDIT: STEP 3. The constant to divided by is 10^18 (not 16), below is the example.



I test it use real AP in mining, its 514 very high~~. When I use 61K/1 it’s 5, look like more normal. In one world,10^18 is more suitable.

Average AP / TORN ratio progression.
Kudos to TC Discord user “luckyallocator” for makign this.


Already added to the main tornado cash dashboard on dune