Change the token name to TOR instead of TORN

can we change the token name to TOR(for example),instead of TORN which is very similar to TRON, people get confused between the two names.


Do you think there will be confusion with TOR? For example TOR browser


i think its ok, TOR is a browser and has no token (for now)

I think more people wil get confused with the tor browser then torn. Also change it after luanch wil lead to even more confusion.
So it’s not worth it imo.

But people confusing it with tor-browser is way better the with tron haha.


Too confusing to switch to TOR. Let’s stick with TORN

Nah wouldn’t change the name. Also Tron’s ticker is $TRX anyway.

You can’t change the token symbol. It’s hardcoded on deployment, see the contract code here.

Only option is a token migration, which would be silly just for a name change.


Besides, this would have just been a really bad idea. You can’t use the name of another privacy project as your token name… omg.

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i agree with you (missed that TOR is used) , however i just sayed for example, it can be diffrent one

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