Discrepancy between deposit stats and Etherscan?

If I select 1 ETH on the deposit slider, I can see a bunch of statistics on the right related to recent deposits.

Right now I can see a whole bunch of alleged deposits:

2 x an hour ago
3 x 2 hours ago
2 x 5 hours ago

Yet when I check Etherscan to see these 1 ETH deposits, I cannot see any deposit transactions matching up to the approximate times. The anonymity set of the last 12 hours is not as strong as those stats on the main page suggest.

Can somebody clarify this, am I misreading Etherscan?

Check Internal Txnx tab if you want see all transaction to pool

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Thanks, so what is the difference between the two?

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Now all transactions to the pool go through a proxy contract. Previously, they were directly on the smart contract


Many thanks for that, have you got the link for the 10 ETH one please?

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Hi, I am wondering if I can ask a separate but related question instead of making a new topic, since you seem to understand the mechanics…

What does the TC Donate address do? Contract Address 0x83584f83f26af4edda9cbe8c730bc87c364b28fe | Etherscan

Why is it deposits into the pool have so many calls (in internal transactions) from the pool address to this address, but no funds get sent here and there is nothing in the logs?

Thanking in advance for any clarity on this question.