Does the tornado team carry on the development at present?

Do you have any new plans for tornadoes?It seems that the current torn token has no effect except voting. Can we do something for torn?Now prices are getting lower and lower, and torn’s holdings are losing a lot.The torn team should not be idle!Many investors are now bearing huge losses.At present, the concern of torn is getting lower and lower.We should do something about tornadoes!Let a tornado blow on Mars!


Having voting power on a $750m revolutionary protocol should be enough.

I think the next step should be rewarding governance for their help improving the protocol and exploring l2 solutions.

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To be very clear, the core tornado team owes nothing to the community and there are only a small handful of true investors. Everyone else who bought after the token became transferable is either a speculator or a governance participant. Not an investor. Investors generally have some sort of rights. And it is very important to make the distinction that TORN holders have no rights except for what deployed code enables. To that end, anyone can contribute to the protocol. It is not dependent upon the core team

And TORN prices are low because the who market is going down. It’s just how it goes. Additionally, there is downward pressure from AP miners. It’ll rebalance with enough time. This protocol is not about making a quick buck


Don’t own TORN myself, but don’t agree with this statement… Buyers on the secondary market are just as much “investors” (or whatever) as ICO buyers. There is no distinction between the two in legacy finance and I don’t think there should be one here either.

The rest of your statement I broadly agree with.

I totally agree with you. The price of the token is not controlled by any of us, it is determined by the market. But as a member of the community, I think we should think deeply about the application of Torn in the future and integrate it into tornadocash better. We should actively think about future development instead of immersing ourselves in discussing the past. Something like “tonadocash could function as well without $torn” is not the attitude we should have. Why don’t we move forward and make those two things bounded tighter as tokens have existed already? In the end, I hope all of you understand that it is the members of our community and the core development team that determine the value of torn, and it is this market that determines the price of torn. We need to be able to distinguish those two things and then maximize the value of this project.

I am specifically responding to this statement:

The core team is not responsible to any secondary market buyers of TORN. They had some kind of obligation to pre-market TORN buyers - insofar as they promised to get TORN to market - but that was between them.

To call out to core devs directly to prop up the value of a person’s TORN purchase on a secondary market is like yelling at your city to make the lot of land you just purchased in their region more valuable. You bought it, you build the house upon it.

Yes, it’s an investment technically speaking. But the counterparty is not the Tornado team

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Agree. We should be looking to the future. Here are some future facing proposals to expand the value of the protocol - and in some cases the direct value of TORN:

  • Commitment Pools - a protocol to list new assets
  • Dust Devils - a protocol to mix leftover wallet dust through Tornado
  • Voter Rewards - a proposal to issue TORN to governance participants
  • Liquidity Mining - a proposal to add liquidity mineable asset pools and to distribute rewards to TORN holders
  • Key Contributor Renumerations - multi-sig creation to fund community engagement and contribution
  • User Camouflage - a protocol to “spray” clean addresses with Tornado withdraws to obfuscate real users from CEX regulations

What is the tornado team doing now? I think the people who raised money at the beginning and those who bought torn in CEX are investors. There is no essential difference. The reward for providing liquidity is also paid by the people who hold torn. The team should not ignore the value of torn, we should give more value to torn!

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Tornado cash team didn’t receive any money from those “investors”, so has no obligations to them either.

As for the future developments, I’ve outlined a lot of cool ideas in the other thread. But we don’t make any promises about what we do, otherwise the public could start expecting that TORN gains value because of our efforts, which would turn TORN into an unregistered security (Howey test).

TORN is a utility token, not a security, and you shouldn’t expect it to gain value because of team efforts. So, to keep things legal, the team can talk about new stuff after it is released.


Tornado team has the most tornado tokens in hand. In the future, you will also throw tornado tokens to the market. These will be paid by the secondary market, but you say it has nothing to do with you. How ridiculous!

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The team has tokens under 3 year vesting so it’s in our interest to keep contributing to the project. However, we don’t have any obligations.

I think this is not the right attitude. Since the token Torn has been issued, we should work hard to integrate the token into the Tornadocash ecosystem and let them thrive together. If the token itself has no impact on the project, why would we need it? Personally I stay positive for $torn since it’ll be given more utilities as V2 comes.

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The team is working hard to upgrade Tornado Cash.
I do think the $torn token follow this trend too. They could, as it was proposed by a dev, use $torn to pay for fees inside shielded pool : so no stress guys !

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The team also has coins, although it will not be unsealed until next year, but the higher the price, the more assets for you, right? An active secondary market means an active community. Only an active community can be strong and develop better.

Support, active community can be strong and development, otherwise like now a pool of stagnant water, team marketing level is too poor

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I feel like everything has been said. Poma was pretty clear in his messaging. Read it again if you didn’t understand it.

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There is a community fund to reward anyone who leads marketing efforts if you want to step up to the plate

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