Encountered a disaster, ask for help

An error has occurred. I accidentally used Torn’s phishing website: torndao.cash. I lost most of my money. This is most of my savings. Since the death of my father, my mother has lost the ability to work, and my child is only 1 year old. And I’ve been making my living in the crypto world of farming. I can’t bear all this. I am annoyed by my stupidity. I can hardly eat, and I can only sleep for 2 hours a day. I don’t know what I can do to make up for the loss. I used to be an early supporter of TORN and also actively participated in the governance of TORN. I hope the community can help me through the difficulties.
This is the address I was scammed:

I always mistakenly think this is the correct address, so I keep paying. Knowing that the developer told me this is a phishing site, I realized my mistake soberly.
I hope the community can help me recover the money I lost.

This is my address: 0xf3027B159cC34437e7778aB63737C7afF0F1d742

If you find anything, please reply to me and I will thank you forever.

So sorry to hear that :frowning: Not sure if someone can help…

Thank you for your voice. I actually want to delete the original query, but found that this post cannot be deleted. I am in a bad mood, so I want to tell this story. Keep others vigilant.

not sure if that helps, but many of us lost money in crypto (be it through hacks, scams, trading, shitcoins, etc.). you’ll recover, we always do.

Your reply is helpful and I can always feel your kindness.It will make me feel better.