ERROR on withdrawal

I decided to do a test deposit to see how the platform works. I chose an average fee (thinking I could save). After a while, the tornado app sent a “failed transaction” warning. I figured the site had simply timed out so i bumped up the transaction fee in metamask and the transaction was accepted. On the tornado app, the anonimity set showed a new deposit precisely at that time so I figured my deposit went though afterall.

PS. Here’s my etherscan deposit:

Now I’m trying to withdraw but when I submit my deposit note I get the following error:

“Error There is no related deposit. The note is invalid.”

Did I just screw up everything? Is my money completely gone?


This transaction have been Dropped & Replaced. So their is nothing happened for you, just a little GAS spent.

My apologies this was the proper etherscan link:

Here is the transaction summary from my Metamask

My ‘portal’ still shows the deposit as waiting receipt:

hey @zip any progress in your case? got same topic here.

is the transaction (0x828…) the first one with lower gas, then followed by the 0xf9…?

As per your first question: no… haven’t made any progress.

As per your second question: yes, that is correct.

thanks zip.

so no chance to withdraw?

any possibility to get the api to recognize it?

for example to vote for a change in the code?

I have zero clue. My guess is that chances are slim :frowning:

I was going to try Tornado for the first time, but after reading this and a few other issues im contemplating not even attempting.
If we gonna risk our money here, whats the point of this? Is there even a way to get it back if the api doesnt recognize it?
Does no-one from the dev community give a shit to respond to this issue?