ETH depositted into

Hi Admin,
I tracked a scammer’s wallet address and found the last txn he did from the address was to is there any possibility to track the person or to get the scammed amount back?
The scammer used multiple intermediary addresses but the last I saw was a month ago. He made 2 separate transfers into

I am not sure where else to ask about this. Please let me know where is the right place I can find out how I can salvage.

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Governance can’t help you. Your only chance is to contact LE and give them all the information you have.

Hi gewitet,

thank you for the reply. may I know what is LE?

LE = Law Enforcement.

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thank you odcpw.

don’t seem to have a way in that case.

thank you for the reply…

No, unfortunately not. This is the benefit / inconvenience of any privacy technology. Take heart, “it’s only money”, and look towards understanding the causes of being scammed and to the future!