Ethereum v 2.0 migration, risks for Tornado?


Total n00b regarding the whole Ethereum backbone code - but, is any risk that we will not be able to withdraw funds when the “merge” happens excluded?

I don’t know how much dApps are affected - the website of Ethereum itself is not really clear. Switching to the Beacon-chain will undoubtly lead to some unexpected things, did the dev’s already runned the Tornado dApp on the testnet f.e.?

Just asking, not worried (yet).


The current network of Ether will become one of the shards in Ether 2. If there are no problems in Ethereum 2 itself, then the migration risks are still unclear

Thanks, can a dev confirm if they’re already runned it on the beaconchain for testing purposes?

No. Beacon Chain does not support smart contracts now. They will only be available in Phase 2 of the Ethereum 2.0 launch. I think to wait at least a year