Exchange Tornado Cash as an option

Hi,guys, is it technically possible for TORN to use Tornado Cash tokens as connectivity after cross chain deployment? I.e. whatever tokens I deposit, the final exchange will be Tornado Cash at the market price at that time :slight_smile: That is, we use Tornado Cash as a token exchange option. Perhaps there is not enough development yet to give TC tokens such a large carrying capacity, but as it develops, perhaps TCs will become fiat in the own pools.

I agree with your direction, but planning and implementation should let the team come up with a better plan. It’s true that torn was added to the agreement, and torn was involved. Torn can’t have only one governance role.

Achieving some purposes (such as getting more people involved in governance) needs to be considered in the context of the project’s own development. On the basis of many of its own users and the project being easily profitable, a simple governance token may be enough to attract a large number of investors to participate in governance, but without meeting the above conditions, more ways of attracting more investors are needed, some of whom will be involved in governance. Many of the governance participants must be investors, because the development of the project needs to be in their own interest.