Fail to claim AP with a used note

One of my notes failed to claim APs. When I click the “Claim Reward” to generate a proof, when finished the screen will show “The deposits tree does not contain such note commitment”. However I have researched the events in the merkle tree and there is a proof with my deposit

Here are the TXs of deposit and withdraw related to this note. So what happened actually, is it a bug?

You can read this comment, then it will become clearer what happened. - Question for claiming AP - #3 by ethdev

not the same situation with this. The merkle tree has been updated both deposit and withdraw transaction. You can see that the Claim Reward button works and can generate the proof

Sometimes this happens when several requests for claim or swap are sent to 1 relayer at once and the tree is wrong, you need to try to do it later and it is better to choose another relayer.

already fixed after the new zk merkle tree deployed