Flash loan attacks lol something that could boost this project

Hello Torn Devs/Hackers (the Best in the space) and Torn Supporters (the strongest in the space), Greetings to you all :cowboy_hat_face: .
I have a proposal which some of you here might not like the idea but i plea with you to consider thinking and rethinking at least 7 times before sending any judgments because his will be our best marketing skit and the greatest adventure for us all.
We’ve always be hearing about flash loan attacks , crazy huh ?

well i think we the torn community are ones missing all these unimaginable sweet sweet opportunity .
tornado cash is one of the most valuable projects ever app hackers/devs who have been known to be the best in the crypto space.
i am proposing our devs/great hackers to explore this sector (flash loan attacks and other attacks) for the good of our community.
i mean it wouldn’t hurt if we emptied these useless/blood sucking projects that are of no good to the crypto community.
empty them then use funds to buy torn tokens. (indirect marketing)
i mean there are a lot of useless projects pulling in more than a billion usd in mcap whiles offering nada to the community as a whole but with well overwhelmed flaws just like the recent projects hit with flash loan attacks.

It’s just simple , hit them , empty them , buy torn with them
torn community will be happy , not just because we have privacy , but also because to taking out all these useless money grab projects.

don’t want this to be long and hope the message was clear enough to raise eyebrows and stimulate our privacy brains .

guys let me know what you think . seriously it’s time to go to $2 billion mcap

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the high level idea here is: let’s use locked ETH, DAI, USDC, etc as collateral in DeFi

It’s an idea that’s been discussed before and the top concern is: DeFi has risks. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. If funds were ever lost in DeFi, it would leave some Tornado Cash users unable to ever withdraw funds. This has generally been decided by the community as an idea that’s just too risky

Now, flash loans are an interesting variation of the idea because they should only succeed if the collateral is returned back in the same transaction. And there are already DAOs dedicated specifically to this strategy (see KeeperDAO), which are quite profitable

However, I’m generally of the mindset it’s not worth the risk. Tornado is such a uniquely positioned project - only real privacy project on Ethereum. Don’t want to lose focus of that trying to chase profits

The idea does have merit, though. I will admit that


If Tonado starts providing flash loans for hacking, and then launder income through tornado cash, then such a service will receive a lot of negativity from everywhere.

Whitehat is cool and all but I value more building. I don’t see why that would help Tornado Cash as a project :sweat_smile:


I favor this proposal :raised_hand: I don’t see a problem with this proposal as long as we are able to operate within legal boundaries. I think projects like the ones who have recently fell victim to these so called attacks were in it for the wrong reasons and were bound to screw the people over.

I think what he saying is take profit form hackers and profit tornado community.

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Totally agree, the risks outweighs the benefits. A lack of trust alongside losses to anonymity from potential exploits would put the protocols credibility and USP at risk.

I am open to adverse thinking and treasury revenue streams are important in the long run, which something like flash loans could accommodate through a small fee. I do think that capital should be maximized (within reasonable risk management guidelines) to further grow ones resources but with the amount of ETH that is in the protocol it’s just not worth it.

I would support the idea if there were a way to conduct systemic risk-free operations but by the looks of it this seems an area with very rapid developments in which even relatively older hands get screwed from time to time.
I highly recommend giving Robert Miller a follow on twitter [@bertcmiller] to anyone interested in flashbots latest news and development.

exactly what i was pointing at . Thank you
hope the devs get what i am saying in the long run