Help: MetaMask Web3 error

I am trying to connect the metamask with tornado but I am getting an error. (“Current network is not supported. Try Goerli or Mainnet”). The thing is, I am on the mainnet in metamask. So what I’m I doing wrong here? I want to deposit my ether onto this platform and then slowly ship it off for other uses. I really like the idea behind tornado and I am superglad I found this wonderful commuunity :blush:

I appreciate your advice/help in advance. I am new to this.

Do you have mainnet like on this picture ?

Maybe reinstall metamask (Backup first!)

@Rezan Yes I do have it. The mainnet I was triying to default to was the one I set up during the tutorial. So I should use that one right?

Strange - are you sure you aren’t on a custom RPC? Have you tried changing and going back to mainnet?