How future project revenues will increase?

Hello team. As a TC token holder, I am very concerned about the progress of the project. As the leader of the privacy project, do we consider how to follow up the project to achieve profitability, and how to make profit? Internet related businesses have a moat called “network effect”. It means that after the user volume reaches a sufficient advantage, there will be a double growth of cashing out channels and cashing out efforts, which is an important way for a project to really be able to achieve a valuation increase. Currently, the fee cost is a source of income for the project, and the increase of the fee is achieved through the deployment of multiple chains. With the increase of user volume, is it possible to increase the project revenue by adding advertising, membership, etc.?

This is certainly possible. It’s really whatever the community is interested in doing to help create value

Here’s one idea that’s been repeated a lot about mining COMP with a tornado mixer pool as a source of revenue: Make Proposal For Token Holders/Stakers To Receive a % of fees Generated from the platform - #7 by ethdev

Thanks Ethdev @ethdev .I believe that as the number of users increases, the way to be able to make profit must also increase dramatically. Go team, let the investors, developers,operators,and all those who can contribute stand together. We all work together to make TORN a great project!

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I agree with you. Let investors, developers, operators, and all those who contribute stand together. Communities are made up of various elements and cannot be separated.