How to track accumulated AP on a deposit?

Recently I deposited into Tornando. I noticed that; on the landing page, there is a history of the deposits, with elapsed blocks, rewards, amount, etcetc. I made some deposits before this cache layer was output. How can I check those stats for a deposit that isnt in that cache layer.

This chart shows the AP/TORN RATE. Does this mean that the longer a user is in Tornando the more AP it takes to get a single TORN?

This Tornado spreadsheet made by another user

Shows that if I withdraw my AP later, the AP/TORN ratio will mean I will get less TORN then if I withdraw now. Am I understanding this correctly??

In regards to your first question: easiest is probably to reconnect through the UI:

The AP/TORN rate for the future is not known but depends on a lot of variables, mostly on the amount of people that are converting. Or as noted in the official blog post:

This does mean that the timing to convert AP into TORN is somewhat strategic — if too many people withdraw at the same time, the rate for AP/TORN conversion ratio contracts, and if few people are withdrawing, the rate improves.

(Tornado.Cash Governance Proposal. Tornado.Cash has become the largest… | by Tornado Cash | Medium, also includes the exact formula)