I am against lowering quorum from 25k to 15k; here's why

Pros vs Cons analisys:

PRO: small and mid stakeholders might be more likely to believe their vote really counts, thus more incentivite to participate in governannce

CON: more proposals get approved; this might seem not necessarily bad but remember that energy/time of those who have to actually implement those is limited; furthermore you don’t want too many changes in a short span of time; better to keep quality over quantity

CON: the higher the quorum, the more difficult it gets for single bad actors stacked with money to override what the greater community really wants; imagine say SBF or CZ stacking up a few million $ worth of TORN now that the price is low and somehow pushing their agenda through a proposal… unavoidable maybe, but again, the higher the quorum, the more difficult it gets to basically 51% attack POS

All in all, in my opinion the cons outweight the only pro so I will be actively voting AGAINST to any proposal to decrease the quorum.

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Like, with current market cap of only $100M, how easy would it be for one of those crypto moguls to temporarily obtain 10-15% supply of circulating $TORN and then forcefeed whichever of their proposal permanently anchor tornado cash to their crappy centralized exchange or “cedefi persona”? Let’s make it harder, not easier for proposals to get approved, and let’s keep our eyes open.

Great points. And I agree with you.

Unfortunately, it appears it is still the third most popular pending proposal according to the recent survey


Great recap! I agree with your analysis and share your point of view on this. I strongly believe that 15K can be too easily reachable

As we have a big circulating supply, I don’t think that lowering quorum is a good idea tbh