Is it time for Tornado Cash on Matic?

Aave recently added support to Matic, as of today is has $640.4M Total market size. Aave and Matic both are very supported by the Ethereum community, the same that supports Tornado Cash.

Note that fees on Matic are even lower than the ones on BSC.


  • Super fast, super cheap - Tx times ~2s (Matic 6500 tx/sec), fees are 1/10’000 of a penny
  • Devs have some advantages while building on Polygon: you can test your code in production due to almost gasless deployments.
    -Users wont need to think about losing money from gas.



I would prefer Polygon (Matic) to BSC (@Rezan, in your other post), that’s for sure. But on the other hand, why not wait a little bit and use a proper L2. Polygon is a side chain, why not go straight to a proper L2 solution?


Polygon is a side chain but the experience is really great. As a user, I tiny fees and transactions are extremely fast so that really is awesome.

Proper L2 solutions may take quite some time to launch and mature. Until then Matic is the only alternative that is aligned with the values of Tornado Cash.

I think that sidechains are only temporary solutions and by the time tornado cash gains some traction there it will already be obsoleted by L2s


I took the liberty to deploy a fork of on MATIC.

Compared to Swirl on BSC, this is not a 1:1 copy. The MerkleTree has been initialized with a new ZERO_VALUE (check the code). Furthermore I intend to fully open-source the code (not like the rest of the forks).

I need some time to properly test the relayer and the UI.

Remark: this fork does not include a governance token and I don’t intend to add that in the near future.

If you discover some flaws, please reach out to me.