Is it time to deploy Tornado Cash on BSC?

The gas is too high on eth at present. Althought the gas will decrease a lot for EIP-1559 in near future, there is still a long way to go for Tornado Cash. BSC is very hot for its low gas now. And some imitators launched on BSC of Tornado Cash, such as CYC, attract a lot of attention recently. These imitators from BSC are even ready to deploy ETH, which pose a threat to Tornado Cash’s development. Fortunately, Tornado Cash’s tvl is much higher than those imitators now. But these imitators will still try their best to take over our market. Why not depoly Tornado Cash on BSC to replace those shameless copycat?


I’d like to hear from the team on what they think about this, would there be any drawbacks to being deployed on more platforms?

Even though I have not-so-positive personal opinions of BSC in general, this seems like it would have a net positive effect as long as it grows our TVL and usage overall.

I strongly agree with this. TC is dominant on eth with no doubt, but at the same time, other projects are developing as well. We should take our advantages and expand it to BSC as TC is the top player in securing privacy.

BSC is not the right move. We need to stick to what we have been doing for the past couple years and expand our customer list on ethereum.

Every bull run has a what’s called ‘ethereum killer’ and i’m sure we all know how every other project like this ended.

Let’s not forget how corrupt and centralized the entire binance ecosystem is. Remember when Binance was hacked for $50m and was trying to roll back the entire bitcoin blockchain?

Remember when CZ helped Justin Sun use users’ funds held by Binance without their consent to take over STEEM?

The list is long, it surely doesn’t end here and I will personally never support this.


Everyone makes mistakes. CZ did make some ridiculous claims in the past, but he does not represent the whole image of Binance or BSC. We should pay more attention to key points such as TVL on BSC and its ecosystem. Overall, We have to admit that they are growing rapidly.


I don’t think Binance smart chain reflects what I understand the philosophy behind Tornado Cash to be. For L2, the team has mentioned Arbitrum.

I don’t think we should feed Binance with any of the Network effects of Ethereum based Defi. If they copy paste - OK, but I wouldn’t actively promote anything there. Even if the more newer members in the space seem to be flocking there.


My prediction is once L2 on ethereum become active most BSC users will move there. It provides same benefits of fast and cheap defi but with eth defi ecosystem.


Right. We wait Layer-2 solutions ZK-Rollup and Optimism in autumn 2021

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Maybe Matic is the most ethereum attach side chain, Aave is there, most gaming, NFT protocols are there. Polygon is the most early scale solution for ethereum.
Let’s face it, GAS won’t never be cheap again!! Even with eip 1559 or PoS …

Aave just added support to Matic.

Aave and Matic both are very supported by the Ethereum community, the same that supports Tornado Cash.

Although I agree that BSC is getting tons of traction, the BSC philosophy is totally misaligned with Tornado Cash.

Whereas Matic seems totally inline with Tornado Cash.

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My impression is that most ppl are on BSC to gamble. They don’t really care about things like censorship resistance, privacy or decentralisation. Therefore I’m not convinced that once ETH L2 becomes active that these ppl will move across.

Either way… I don’t support a move to BSC by Tornado Cash. Very short sighted.

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I don’t understand why moving to BSC is short sighted. The birth of BTC itself is for decentralizzation, but its greatness and attraction made BTC tradeable on all platforms including CEX and DEX. Does this mean that BTC is being cenralized? I don’t think so. I believe that TC is great and will attract more users in the future,but gas fee is rlly a concern for some ordinary people. Expanding it will be a long-term consideration instead of being “short sighted”.

I guess I don’t see any long term value prop in a centralised “blockchain”.

I do hear your concern around gas and it does suck that people are being priced out of Ethereum. But there are heaps of solutions being worked on.