New pools are here! DAI, cDAI and WBTC

It seems that the Tornado cash team has been working hard on new things. Among them, new ERC0 pools!

The following pools are coming:

  • 10k DAI
  • 100k DAI
  • 50k cDAI (= $1070)
  • 500k cDAI (= $10.7k)
  • 5m cDAI (= $107k)
  • 0.1 WBTC
  • 1 WBTC
  • 10 WBTC

Like before with the deployment of TORN, it is up to the community to deploy these new pools. If you want to help deploy them, go to:

It will cost you a bit of gas but you will have deployed one of the immutable pools!

Once every pool is deployed, they will be added to the front-end and we can start using them.

This is a great new for Tornado cash. Pools such as the high stake DAI pools were long due. Up to know, we only had the 100 and 1k DAI pools that are becoming useless due to increasing gas costs.

Moreover, high stake cDAI pools will allow users to earn yield while being in the pool (Currently 6.31% APY!). One notable feature of these new cDAI pools is that COMP tokens eared by the pool are claimable and will be sent to the governance treasury.

AP Minining

These pools, at the start, will not get any AP mining rewards. If the community decides to add AP mining rewards to incentivise the new pools, we would we need 2 things. First, the proposal for the ZKP tree updater that unlocks mining would have to pass (We will vote on this very very soon!). And second, we will have to make another proposal to activate the mining. This second proposal will chose how much AP reward per block to distribute for each pool. After this proposal, new deposits will be eligible for rewards.


Huge thank you to the team and you Rezan for listening to us.

We are extremely close to completing all tasks, 50,000 cDAI is the only instance left to be deployed.

edit. All tasks completed


太酷了! Tornadocash 正在快速发展中,希望看到更多的以太坊上的原生资产进入到 Tornadocash 网络中来,为更多加密用户提供服务!

Thanks to the team for your hard work! Is there anything we can help with the zkp tree updater?

Update: all pools have been deployed!

Here are the addresses:

  • 10k DAI 0x07687e702b410Fa43f4cB4Af7FA097918ffD2730
  • 100k DAI 0x23773E65ed146A459791799d01336DB287f25334
  • 50k cDAI 0x03893a7c7463AE47D46bc7f091665f1893656003
  • 500k cDAI 0x2717c5e28cf931547B621a5dddb772Ab6A35B701
  • 5m cDAI 0xD21be7248e0197Ee08E0c20D4a96DEBdaC3D20Af
  • 0.1 WBTC 0x178169B423a011fff22B9e3F3abeA13414dDD0F1
  • 1 WBTC 0x610B717796ad172B316836AC95a2ffad065CeaB4
  • 10 WBTC 0xbB93e510BbCD0B7beb5A853875f9eC60275CF498

Thank you to those that helped deploying and paid gas for it.


Brilliant! I don’t see any of the contracts with a verified code yet, is that going to happen soon?

Great work guys! Thanks everyone who helped deploying it!

I genuinely appreciate the team’s hard work this month; first backup notes, now these pools with the possibility for users to earn yield. Thank you to the team for a job well done.

update: all contracts have been verified.

Now UI needs to be updated with the new pools I believe.

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This is awesome! And very cool. I was wondering when other pools would be incentivized. Great to see Tornado expanding.


I can not see these pools on the website. When is the front end going to be updated?

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@Rezan Do you know how long this will roughly take?

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We wanted to do it when the proposal above is executed. It saves a bit of dev time. But maybe we’ll do it even sooner.


Is there risk if you put your WBTC into tornado? Isnt there an incentive for the people behind wbtc to freeze “your” bitcoin?

Good question.
All BTC surrogates in the ethereum network (i.e. in order of popularity wBTC, renBTC, tBTC, sBTC) aren’t risk free and suffer from different issues, in primis (but not only) centralization to different extents. wBTC and renBTC both rely on a custodian, renBTC is structurally interesting with its darknodes, Shamir’s secret sharing & Secure Multiparty Computation however all ren assets have been recently SBF’d so certainly no better than wBTC and also less popular; tBTC uses a network of Signers (randomly chosen each time) as opposed to central custodianship whom overcollateralize through a 1.5x position in eth each btc tokenized but it’s a system with its own potential security issues and last time I checked only had around 2000 tBTC; sBTC on the other hand does not even have any actual bitcoin locked to mint their ethereum counterpart but entirely rely on collateralized SNX. Also, let’s not forget that even when those BTC are locked (in wBTC, renBTC, tBTC cases) they are locked in the bitcoin blockchain - never on ethereum.
They are all FAR from perfect in my opinion, but if I had to pick one I’d pinch my nose and go for wBTC.

Weeks ago came out with this hypothetic idea on how to respond to the unavoidable measures organisations suffering from centralizations (this includes but is not limited to exchanges) will eventually reserve to Tornado Cash following possible future instances of negative mediatization and regulatory crackdown on privacy.
Probably beneficial to be prepared but then adjust the response progressively as measures evolve.

I have to agree. We need a better tokenized btc on eth, one which reflects the values of core ethereum, maximally decentralized