No AP for USDT deposits?

Hello all

I have successful USDT deposits and withdrawals. How come I am not eligible for AP/TORN?
When I go to my notes and input them, I can see successful withdrawals but the little mining icon is greyed out, and when I hover over it it kindly advises that there is nothing to be claimed.

Any help is welcome.

It was not voted upon in proposal #5, so it is not available

If it gets voted for in the future, will AP be available retroactively?

Thank you

No. Only moving forward. Wouldn’t be applied retroactively

I’m not especially in favor of incentivizing USDT since it’s a purely centralized token and they could block the use of all pooled tokens. Perhaps incentivize the DAI more by increasing the reward? :-1:t5: :-1:t5:

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Today, the market capitalization of the USDT is over $60 billion.
I don’t think Tether is going to blacklist an entire pool since they can’t target a specific user.

If ever there was anything Tether would block, Tornado would be it.

This is a matter of forming the narrative of compliance and regulations concerning stabletokens are already in preparation across the EU.

Im not trying to imply Tether would automatically block Tornado but it should be well pointed out that this here isnt your average service and that our main front is in the education of fucking basic human rights - eg. the right to privacy and the right to be forgotten, not so much in adding a bunch of additional functionality. My 2c.


Seen from this angle, it is indeed risky. Anyway, DAI seems to be much more interesting because it is decentralized and cannot blacklist.

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For the record Ill vote against USDT every day of the week

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