Great question. The goal with the upcoming snapshot is to migrate from 2-of-3 to 4-of-5 signatures. This requires the addition of 2 more signers. Snapshot allows us to do yes-no voting. So we are going to post one snapshot proposal per candidate. Candidates must reach 5k quorum to qualify. We will sign in the top two candidates from those who reach quorum.

Right now we have in alphabetical order:

If anyone else wants to be considered, please reply now or forever hold your peace (or at least please give it some time before you lead the charge to submit another snapshot proposal - remember everything can be amended later)

TODO: Candidates - please reply with a 1 paragraph description of your reason for being a multisig holder (why people should vote for you). These will be added to your snapshots


A potential multisig candidate disappearing for 4 weeks is grounds for dismissal and a revote, this shouldnt be construed as punishment.

Id apply for multisig but I flake and fall into random ditches for several days. You fell into one for 4 weeks.

Run it thru snapshot and win or fuck off dude, I dont know what else to tell you.

@ethdev @rezan @justin_bram
A 5k TORN (350,000$ to be contextualized within overall bearish seasonal market momentum) quorum per nominee would likely determine downright premature ossification of a 2-of-3 environment, which is not ideal for many reasons amongst which I could mention potential collusion and/or excessive power to the multisig - which don’t get me wrong I trust would not happen given the integrity of the three of you however we have to think in theoretical terms here and trustlessly offer inherent cartel resistance. We all agreed that, as even Poma suggested in my old multisig thread, a 4-of-5 would guarantee this. If we want that to happen we should accept the approval of proposal #7 as the will of the community to establish a multisig dynamic in its nature. I believe that even a 2.5k TORN quorum for the votes all candidates receive in total would represent a hard enough barrier given the aforementioned.

Other multisig members had longer breaks than mine, your argument is as thick as a Tewkesbury mustard. Anyway watch your language, or at least have some style if you want to insult.

Yeah up to this point I was kinda looking at your conundrum as a series of misfortunate events you tried pointing at. Its now laughable drama and any normal person without an agenda would agree to a revote.

Telling someone to do X or fuck off is hardly an insult ser, I am now even more convinced that you are indeed, not the guy.

All my votes against this dude :slight_smile:

You already expressed your unconditional support for Xgozzy on your second post in the forum; wasn’t really trying to entice you to join my electoral base. Anyway let’s keep this thread clean from ad hominem.

Fundamental misunderstanding of unconditionality / ad hominem aside, I get that youd want me to stay out of this via the dismissal of me supporting some other dude, but that simply will not stand.

In as much as you have the right to shill your services and demand to be included in the multisig, its my right to shill against. As stated before, any normal contributor without an agenda would be okay with running another vote.

The nervousness and shady form exhibited here made me close a farm to pull out additional TORN to vote against you.


If no candidate achieves 5k quorum then it would be reasonable to reassess what quorum should be. For now, we need to start somewhere

The possible outcomes are effectively:

  • At least 2 candidates reach quorum. They both get added to a 4-of-5
  • Only 1 candidate reaches quorum. They get added to a 3-of-4 and we wait for another candidate to come along or for an existing candidate to build up enough of a support base for revote
  • No candidates reach quorum. If support for any candidate is near null (example: all near 1k votes each), then 2-of-3 may need to stand. If support for candidates are near quorum but not quite there, then we may need to reassess what quorum should be

Thanks so much for the support, looking forward to helping in any way that I can!

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Yes, I want to just add my thoughts here. I intend to be a steward of the community in more ways than simply signing transactions.

A few ways I hope to help:

  1. Follow on YouTube videos on my channel when Tornado has significant developments.

  2. Continuous support on the Tornado Discord. (I’m always online there)

  3. Supporting Torn’s mission in my own Discord community (currently over 1300 active members and growing)

  4. Mentorship/support for all community projects

  5. Anything else I can do to help be an advocate of this space. Tornado is one of the most important projects on Ethereum IMO.


I completely understand your concerns and I hope that I can live up to the honor of this nomination. When Roman reached out to me, I was incredibly honored and this is the project I’m most proud of contributing to. It’s true we didn’t run a Snapshot, but we did discuss it in the forum, which I understand might not be sufficient for some. It’s my hope that if the community did not want me on the multisig, they would have voted against Proposal #7. Now that I’m a member of the multisig, I’m going to do everything I can to help.

I just want to add that if anyone wants to reach me immediately to chat, you can pretty much find me anytime on the Tornado Discord channel. You can also reach out to me directly via the following methods:

  1. Telegram: @justincbram

  2. Discord: Justin Bram#3452

  3. Twitter: @JustinCBram

  4. Email:

I’m happy to chat about any concerns/comments/recommendations etc…

Would love to get to know you all!


Alright then. I still think the quorum shall be decreased but I put complete trust in your intellect and experience with this process, so I won’t raise further concerns. Will write something up on my nomination in the next hours.


I sincerely appreciate that @optionsmate. It very well may be decreased. But in the meantime I am genuinely looking forward to seeing your write-up


I Samuel JJ Gosling put myself forward for a position in the Tornado Cash community multi-sig. The reasons to justify why my involvement would be beneficial, route from my background in the industry and my ability to be transparent.


  • Worked with countless projects freelancing since entering the space in 2017 ranging from frontend work to backend, entirely self-thought.
  • Co-founder of, I led design in branding materials and the first iteration of the frontend, which I also developed (

What I can do for tornado:

  • Stand forward as a verifiable human in support of the protocol and its ability to provide anonymity.
  • Help curate, critique and create future architectural designs or implementations following in best faith for the protocol.
  • Pledge to optimise the management of the multi-sig’s resources to align development and inhibit support of any actions that act in bad faith of the protocol.

What tornado can do for me:

  • Further my understanding of zero-knowledge proofs and the many possible applications of leveraging them.
  • Strengthen my knowledge in Solidity through peer-reviewing and developing smart contracts present in proposals.
  • Nurture my interpersonal skills through community management and engagement.

I would be honoured to be selected as a multi-sig participant and promise to do my best in the role if elected.

Github: samgos (Samuel JJ Gosling) · GitHub


Did you just fullname doxx lol.

@optionsmate I guess you could now classify my support as unconditional.

You doxxing too?

bt11ba Candidacy - What’s Up Tornado

I would like to thank @Rezan, @ethdev and @Justin_Bram for setting this snapshot up.

I am pleased to present my candidacy to take on a role of multi-sig holder by introducing myself to you.


With @ayefda, I run What’s Up Tornado (WUTornado) (Twitter link, Medium link), a newsletter that publishes news about with the aim of making the Tornado tool accessible and understandable to anyone.

IRL, I work as a marketer for multiple tech companies.



Here are some of my contributions:

  • [LINK] Informative and educational article about past proposals,
  • [LINK] Proposal #7 article to present the rationale behind the Community Fund and encourage people to vote for the proposal,
  • [LINK] Future Tornado updates article,
  • [LINK] Upon request from @rstormsf, one of the Tornado founders, I wrote the Tornado BSC integration article, published on the Tornado Cash official Medium.
  • [LINK] Article about the TORN listing on binance
  • Writing tweet for the official Tornado Cash Twitter account
  • Translation of Tornado app ( in french to give more visibility among French crypto users (implemented since June 11th 2021),


I pledge to the community that I will:

  • continue to produce content on a regular basis to build awareness around,
  • always follow the community’s wishes on transactions to be signed,
  • be very available for the community by PM,
  • step down from the role if the community no longer sees me fit.

Work in progress

I am currently working on multiple projects for the Community:

  • 3 new and exclusive articles,
  • A WUTornado community site to increase the visibility of Tornado through exclusive content.

If you like WUTornado content and want a multisig whose main goal is the community and the future of, vote for me to be nominated ! :slight_smile:


Ok, written a long message but after careful reflection, I have decided that I will not go for this anymore.
The last few days have been just too much. It is probably the money factor that attracted the wrong kind of interest at the last second and created an uproductive kind of competitiveness with which I have no interest in dealing with. I think the fact one person deliberartely tried to sabotage me is now clear, as well as the obvious reason behind it. I won’t put my time and passion onto environments which turn out to be emotionally toxic for me. So I am going to stay out on my own decision and will leave this place to dedicate my most precious commodity elsewhere.
Rezan, even though we often disagreed it was good to interact with you. I hope this clears any confusion you might have had about my real intentions since the beginning. One favour I ask you would be to remove my nomination thread alongside the disgusting allegations that were made on my character.
Ethdev, knowing that I had your support throughout this means a lot for me, and our conversations which I really enjoyed will be the best thing I take back from these months. I hope I didn’t let you down in any way with my decision to leave.
Goodbye everyone.

I don’t blame you @optionsmate

We did not have anyone volunteering for the position until signer renumeration became defined with a set stipend. Money is a wonderful motivator and it will serve its role here. But it can also produce stressful, politically-charged and unintended outcomes

You DO have a precious gift and any community you choose to commit yourself to will be lucky to have you

@Rezan I support the removal of Optionsmate’s post and have flagged it for moderation

Options, a DM is in your inbox. I expect you wouldn’t otherwise login to read it, but may check-in on this thread from your browser

If we don’t speak again, all the best. Thank you for your conversation and contributions

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Why so much drama ? This is not a playground. This is an election, if you don’t agree with the fact that the election is done by the rules, don’t say that it’s other’s fault.
Too much drama.


Sent you a DM as well. Would love to chat at some point if you’re available.

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I agree with @naru, Tornado does not need this kind of drama.

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