Should TornadoCash be deployed on Binance Smart Chain?

Given the fact that BSC has a large number of forks, maybe the official project should support it?

The team can probably use ceremony-style deployment so that we all can contribute to the deployment.

What do you think?

I support BSC deployment
  • Yes
  • No

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If so,

What amounts of BNB we should have there?
  • 1 BNB
  • 10 BNB
  • 33 BNB
  • 50 BNB
  • 100 BNB
  • 500 BNB
  • 1000 BNB

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Probably not.

However, it should follow Aave’s move and move towards a multichain ecosystem, starting with supporting Matic.

See by yourself the newly added Aave Market on Matic

I don’t understand why there is a rivalry between ETH holders and BNB holders. I get it, BNB is Centralized and also get it that ETH Gas fees are high. I hold both tokens. I do not differentiate between them. They are both unique and beautiful in their own way. So, I would like Tornado Cash to be on Binance Chain. I would definitely welcome Binance Smart Chain holders. We are all a family! :heart::metal:t3:

At the end of the day, Torn is driven by governance.

The poll shows a majority of voters supporting Tornado on BSC.
We should draft up a real proposal and have the community vote on it, hopefully someone with the technical know-how is interested in doing this.

I support the deployment of the BSC, which is good for development.

What’s the use of deploying this on a centralised protocol? I don’t see how privacy and immutability could still be guaranteed on such a chain…

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How would you or most of you be buying your first Crypto? on a Centralized exchange or via a Credit Card or a Bank aren’t they all centralized?

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Everything is open source, so it’s perfectly reasonable to fork Tornado to BSC if anyone wanted to

One thing to consider is that governance of a Binance-based Tornado would need its own Binance-TORN (bTORN) governance token on BSC to achieve hard consensus. And the BSC operators could shut down the chain at any time. So this would not be as synchronistic of an endeavor with the original ETH project as one might think at first glance

That said, my general feeling is why not? I’m not going to lead the charge, but if someone feels strongly, go for it


Not rivalry, rather an opinion there is no long term value in it and that development time is better spent somewhere else. But even if the core team is busy with developing something else, someone from the community can still do this port to BSC.