Strategies to stay anonymous while claiming torn

I have read multiple posts explaining that some users give away their privacy by accident, due to the manner in which they claim their TORN.

Im wondering how this actually happens?

Further, what are some strategies to ensure the users anonymity is preserved.

I am confused which user account should be claiming AP/TORN.

Address A sends deposit to Tornando
Address B is a new wallet which receives output from Tornando
Address C is a new empty wallet.

Which address should claim AP/TORN?

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If we assume you are only claiming AP/Torn from 1 note, an attacker could infer from the claim how long the note was mining, and therefore the deposit time, and therefore the address it was sent from.

Ideally, you claim several notes together, and then swap AP/Torn in different amounts.

I guess, one workflow for perfect anonymity could be (tell me what you think):
Wallet A sends money to a fresh wallet. Wallet B claims using a relayer. Some AP/Torn is swapped in A and some AP/Torn is swapped in B using relayers. Is this enough obfuscation to hide the total amount of AP generated in one single note?

As for wallet C: if you swap AP / Torn in a lone wallet, there will be no ETH to pay gas fees to move / use the TORN you then have there. SO you will need another Tornado transaction to send ETH there if you want to do anything.

What if we assume we are claiming for 2 wallets? How does the situation change?