Support - Any way to recover mined tokens after clearing browser cache?

To start, awesome product, and great to find a community forum that works with Tor (unlike Telegram).

I was busy mining some AP but had no idea that apparently this is connected to browser cache data–clear data, no more mining. I didn’t set up a mining key for these things.

Any way to recover them? I have the withdrawal notes…

It seems to me that for a protocol that will likely be popular among folks who are likely to clear browser caches, maybe using Tails, etc., keeping any data in the cache without a big warning sign is a recipe for unhappy users, at the least.


If it’s the AP account key that you lost, during the setup it’s offering you to save it encrypted on-chain. If you didn’t do it, hopefully you saved somewhere otherwise it’s gone.

If you lost this key you will have lost the claimed AP that you did not yet swapped.

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Thanks for the reply.

I wouldn’t say ‘lost’ – I never generated the mining key to begin with, thinking in my DeFi-induced naïveté that it would still be there waiting to be claimed when I reconnected my wallet. I saw NgU and was content to let it continue.

So I propose we should be warning users to generate the mining key right away – it will not survive a cache clearing!

If UI related proposals should be made elsewhere, I am happy to do so :slight_smile:

This is how the setup looks like. It’s clearly written that you have to back it up, and you have to tick the box to confirms that you’ve done it to continue. Seems enough to me.


I’m forgot if I had closed this pop windows in mobile, 1 week before, I’m began mining activity, but just now see that pop windows in desktop chrome browser and back up secret key at once, Am I miss what? The AP waiting for claim are still valid?

I’d see it as tuition, sir. Every time you fail, you learn something new. The harder you fail, the better you remember. It was worth it.

Everything is ok, thanks for your replying. Account key is very important for miner, I have backed it.