Support mnemonic

I like the Tornado cash approach.
Can the Note that is given at the time of Deposit support mnemonic words in the future?

I don’t want to store the note locally on my computer. There is a risk there.
If you store them physically, there is a risk of miswriting.
Printing it out is also a risk, and so are photos.

Like the Ethereum private key, the combination of mnemonic can improve the safety when it can be written on physical paper.
I would like to know if this proposal is feasible in zk.


Good idea. Security is first. Perhaps it will be implemented in later.

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That would be great indeed. However, given how the key are generated, I don’t know if that’s possible.

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thanks,but sad. I will learn about how the note be generated clearly in later。

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depending your browser settings, browsers like brave prompt you to where you want to save your files so you can always choose a removable storage device

It’s possible but we have even better solution. Everything is almost ready for release, finishing with testing. But it will require proxy contract update that is coming with tornado trees proposal.


When is the proposal for Merkle trees supposed to come in and the tree hashes are updated?

Thanks for the reply.
I am looking forward to the update.

Wishing healthy development of the community and the protocol.

Great idea, I’ve been lucky to spot 2 errors while writing down a 100 ETH note before or I would have lost the entire amount.

I’m sure as of right now there are tens if not hundreds of incorrect notes written down and it’s a number that will only keep increasing over time.

If this develops into an actual formal proposal I will definitely vote for it.

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Did you not have the note downloaded or prefer to have everything written down?