The community is a bit deserted

I don’t know if it is related to the continuous decline in torn currency prices. There are fewer and fewer people following tornadoes, whether on Twitter or on social platforms such as Facebook.

Hope the community can have a better proposal. Let the community become active again, let more people know about the tornado and get involved. Tornado is a very good deal! Looking forward to good proposals from the community, I will actively participate in the vote.

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Thanks for offering to vote! This is very important and - in a community this small (only about 6k TORN holders) - every vote really does matter

The last proposal that passed created a Community Fund for grants to anyone who would like to contribute to the ecosystem. If you or anyone you know has any special skills, then we would be happy to provide financial support

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ok。Expect tornado ecology to shine. Don’t miss this trend. Competitors are staring at us tornadoes, such as a project called Onion$omt.

We definitely encourage community involvement. If you think that you could help the community, do not hesitate : content making, coding, design… most welcome.