TORN airdrop list

Here is CSV of all the recipient addresses of the TORN airdrop with the amount they received.

The list is ordered by amount.

The tokens were airdropped to all Tornado cash users that made a deposit before block 11400000. To claim you tokens go to

A few stats:

  • Number of recipient: 7414 addresses
  • Biggest recipient: 2539.95 TORN
  • Average airdrop: 66.54 TORN
  • Median airdrop: 21.24 TORN
  • Addresses with more than 1000 TORN: 42
  • Total number of airdrop tokens: 500k TORN
  • Total tokens claimed on Jan 17, 2021: 107’687 TORN (21.5%)

I have three addresses that received the vTORN airdrop. Unfortunately when I try to redeem them for TORN here the site will not connect to my wallet and recognize my balance.
I used the coinbase mobile wallet to interact with originally, but now it will not seem to connect. I have tried importing the seed words into Metamask but it only recognizes the balance from one of the three addresses associated with those seed words. I’m not sure how to claim the balance on the remaining addresses. Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks

Importing the addresses in Metamask should work. Double check that the address you are trying to claim have a vTORN balance with Etherscan. If it does not have a vTORN balance, you can’t claim the airdrop.

May I know if the airdrop is still available now?

Unfortunately, it isn’t. It was attributed retroactively to Tornado users.

Would probably be minimal anyway but this transaction was before the block limit but I don’t see any vTORN allocated…

Only ETH instance users got airdrop, for others the activity was too low

The amount of burner wallets that received giant amount of $TORN makes me feel jealous, is there any intend to redistribute those $TORN back once the one year voucher expired and “hackers” didn’t spend their vTorn?

Still 200,000+ unclaimed TORN

Would be good if after expiration these VTORN’s TORN could be redistributed to those wallets who claimed their TORN.

Those TORN over 1 year still unclimbed will send to community account.

Yes, every tokens remaining after a year will be transferred to the governance contract and will be spendable together with the DAO treasury funds.