Tornado Cash partnership

I am an active member of the yEarn community and have been using Tornadocash for over a year now. It might be interesting to take advantage of the profit sharing program that is going on right now.
Below is the program :


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I don’t think it’s possible to integrate this vault. I don’t see the interest for Tornado.

This solution can allow people to go through tornado and then deposit, in one transaction for example.
This solution would avoid fees and also increase the anonymity of yEarn users.

I am not against partnerships but we need a constructive idea where both project benefit from each-other. While I love yearn, I don’t have an idea for integration. Please, develop your ideas :slight_smile:

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Holding positions or investments in any asset should be classified as sensitive information and users of yEarn should be allowed to anonymize their freaking bags.

The pitch is: “I dont like the fact that people can trace and be notified about my positions in Zerion.”

There could be a partnership at some point between Tornado and Yearn, but even though they are both community governance etc etc, would be ideal if Andre Cronje or Banteg were the ones getting in touch.