Tornado Cash V2?

What’s next for tornado cash development? We seem to have stagnated somewhat in terms of popular proposals to work on, and it’s not clear to me what the next stages of development are, if there are any currently.

Is there a v2 feature set being working on by the team? If so, what are the details/when should we expect new features to roll out?

Is there an official resource for community members to track new development?


All great questions I am wondering myself. Maybe a 2nd layer or integrations with other major protocols like maker, compound, aave, yfi?? Or maybe integration with insurance protocols such as nexus, cover, armor?? Maybe some wrapped nft integration??? Things feel a bit stagnant right now

I’m sure that the next step will be the transition to Layer-2 solution like ZK-Rollup. Also, in addition, I think it would be nice to come up with a joint use of funds with some DeFi project.


Fees are getting so low now (24 for fast atm) will this take the wind out of the sails for layer 2 and also these alternative chains like BSC? I certainly don’t see the point in using them right now.

It would be nice if we could get TORN listed on more exchanges, and maybe market the product a little bit.

I disagree. Gas wont stay this cheap for long, and these contracts are very expensive even with “low” gwei cost. I help my friend with some tornando stuff and she ended up paying over 700usd for a few deposits… That is a problem because normies wont pay that and the protocol wont get as much use as it deserves

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Well, London is coming and then the eth-eth2 merger so I expect it to drop more eventually.

But is there a way we can optimize the current existing contracts to use less Shannons (gwei)? That might be fruitful as well?

Possible features for the next version include arbitrary amounts, transactions inside shielded pool, integration with DeFi protocols via withdraw-and-call functionality, all tokens in the same pool with atomic swaps, transparent L2 support, major reductions in gas costs, using TORN for gas fees for tx in shielded pool, using meta transactions instead of relayer network.


Memorial words are more easily and security than note, Can we support such ways for an option.

Account feature is even more convenient, I suggest you use it instead


I feel as though having an L2 solution as soon as possible is critical for Tornado. Having read that Arbitrum is one of the considerations, I wanted to share the following and ask a question.

It seems that Offchain Labs (Arbitrum devs) has released the following information a couple of days ago:

In short, they have another test net with sequencing coming out today and planning to roll out a developer mainnet on May 28.
Have any devs in the community filled out the application to access the developer mainnet and working on L2 implementation?

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Tornado cash is already arbitrum-ready and will be included in the release cohort.


This is huge

Can you share a bit more of the architectural details regarding how each of these work? Especially arbitrary amounts, transactions inside shielded pool, and all tokens in the same pool with atomic swaps?

We published a simple working example of any amounts with transactions more than a year ago here GitHub - tornadocash/tornado-pool: Tornado privacy pool with internal transactions

To add tokens one only needs to add assetId to the UTXO commitment and check it in snark.


Great news!

One question springs to mind: will you recalibrate the AP distribution per note type?

If gas fees are negligible, like with Polygon, then it would be rational to only use the 0.1 ETH pools to capture more AP / block.

Could be interesting to reduce the AP incentive for 0.1 eth pools as this is only used for intensive farming.

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How long do we need to implement these functions? Don’t we need to migrate to MATIC for now?

If tornado cash is redeployed to L2 mining will be different from L1 (if it will be there at all, depends on amount of work needed)

For the next version of tornado cash mining can be integrated directly into utxo model, so no need for separate claim and tree update transactions.

For now we need to deploy on arbitrum and other legit L2s, matic is a sidechain so I personally think it’s worth waiting 2 weeks for arbitrum mainnet.

This was already reduced 2.5x recently

Legal L2 seems to be the best choice. Will the next version of Torn appear in L2?

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Thanks. It would appear that this would render the DustDevil idea sort of useless, then. Fair?

Depends on how fast both of them could be brought to the market. Developing next tornado version could take quite some time, so if another solution can be developed fast it’s still worth it. There is another alternative that Gavin Andersen proposed to develop called Thresher.

I think many users have this dust problem (including me), and fast solution would be kinda nice. Especially if funded by governance and developed by someone else.